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Reference for unit 'fpg_ColorWheel'

The unit contains a ColorWheel and ValueBar component






The base unit and starting point of fpGUI



The main unit that ties everything together from CoreLib



The base class for all other GUI widgets


The unit contains a ColorWheel and ValueBar component.

Using the components:

Normally, you use both a color wheel and a value bar.

  1. Put a color wheel on your form.
  2. Put a value bar on your form beside the wheel.
  3. Set the ColorWheel's ValueBar property to the ValueBar component you just put on the form.

The two components are now linked together. When a selection is made in the color wheel the value bar will update to show the range for that selection.

Note: you won't see the colors in the UI Designer. Colors will only be displayed at runtime.

Reading and setting the color:

To set the color being displayed, use the TfpgColorWheel.SetSelectedColor method.

To read the color selected, read the TfpgValueBar.SelectedColor property.

If you want to know when the user picks a color, you can use the OnChange event in the ValueBar.

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