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fpGUI v0.7 is available

An archived source download can be found at the following URL, or the source code could be pulled directly from the source code repository.

For more details, please visit the fpGUI home page:

The v0.7 release contains a lot of added features compared to the previous release. Below is just a small list of things that changed or was added (see the repository log for more details).

The pre-built HTML and INF class documentation will be made available during the next few days. This will include updated Class Documentation for fpGUI, FPC's RTL, FPC's FCL and a special version of FPC's Language Reference document in INF format. I will also include pre-built binaries of DocView (fpGUI's own help viewer) for Linux and Windows, plus intructions on how to integrate DocView with Lazarus IDE and MSEide so you can have context sensitive help from within each IDE's code editor.

  Release notes for fpGUI

v0.7 (2010-08-02)
  - Quite a few more minor bug fixes since v0.7-rc2.
  - Some memory leaks in TfpgListView
  - Added an example Debug Server in examples/apps/debugserver
    - This can be used with FPC's dbugintf unit so you can send
      debug messages. Handy for debugging CGI apps on your server.
  - A new unit fpg_imgutils was added. It contains some handy 
    utility functions for images.
  - Implemented disabled images support for all controls that can
    display images.
  - Added a new TfpgMemo Mediator for use with tiOPF based
  - Improved quick date selection in TfpgComboCalendar. Users can
    now click the Year or Month to quickly select a different value
    without the need for scrolling through every month.
  - Many more improvements to the "prototype" text editor component
    located in prototypes/textedit/. Soon this will become a 
    standard component in fpGUI.
  - Minor improvements to DocView's toolbar.
  - DocView now has a 'File | Open Special' option, which can open
    environment variables pointing to a location where INF files are.
  - Grids now have a smooth scrolling option for horizontal scrolling.
  - A new Input Query dialog was added.
  - Some demos where improved. eg: SplashScreen demo.
  - JPEG image format support was added. Soon all image formats
    supported by FPImage will be included. Unfortunately it did not
    make it into this release.
  - Added a fpGUI project template for when you use fpGUI with MSEide.
  - A new Color Selection dialog was added to fpGUI.
  - fpGUI's UI Designer has a few more components on the component palette.
    eg: TfpgFilenameEdit, TfpgDirectoryEdit, TfpgFontEdit, etc...
  - Some more minor changes to allow compiling fpGUI under MacOSX with X11.

v0.7.rc2  (2010-04-08)
  - Localization of Character Map dialog.
  - Insert from Character Map added to TfpgEdit default popup menu.
  - ModalResults is now a enum type. Improved integration with UI
  - Memo: problems with deleting selected text is now fixed.
  - Improved WinCE support, including reading BMP files.
  - Fixed compilation of all example projects.
  - Extended available properties that can be edited via the Object
    Inspector of the UI Designer.
  - Fixed issues where dialogs are closed via the window border X
    button and not the available buttons in the dialog. Developer
    can define behaviour of X close button.
  - Improved TabSheet handling in UI Designer.
  - Various improvements to TfpgPageControl and TfpgTabSheet. This
    includes new tab positions: Bottom, Left, Right and None.
  - SelectDirectory dialog was not working under Windows.
  - Setting selected directory in SelectDirectory dialog now works.
  - New mouse cursor demo.
  - Improved the ability to customize the HintWindow. HintWindow
    demo was extended to show how this can be done.
  - Improved Visible property handling especially with child
    components. Now only the parent Visible property is changed.
  - tiOPF: correctly disable event handlers in edit mediators.
  - Added a script which generates a fpGUI version number based on
    Git repository information. Later this will be converted to
    a object pascal console application.

v0.7.rc1  (2010-03-04)
  - FPC 2.4.0 compatible.
  - Fully tested on 32-bit and 64-bit platforms. Tested on Linux,
    Windows and the *BSD family.
  - Mobile device support is back. Tested on ARM Linux and Windows
    Mobile devices.
  - fpGUI UI Designer has improved a lot and extended it's component
    palette and Object Inspector.
  - Various bug fixes, memory leaks and other enhancements have been
  - Units have a more uniform naming style.
  - Classes have a more uniform structure/hierarchy with base classes.
  - Help support has been added to the core framework
  - fpGUI now has it's own help file viewer called DocView.
    Docview includes the following features:
     - document annotation
     - bookmarks
     - browse history
     - exporting articles to plain text or IPF format.
     - full text search (including weighting of results to see how
       relevant the results are)
     - Font and Color customization
     - Concatenation of help files at run-time so a library of help
       files can be viewed simultaneously.
     - Easy integration via the "external tools" feature of IDE's like
       Lazarus or MSEide. This allows for context sensitive help.
     - History of most recently viewed help files.
     - Help file format used is the INF format (IBM's format used it
       OS/2), which is very compact, incredibly fast and supports full
       text search.
  - A lot of new components have been added, including enhancements
    to existing components.
  - Various new dialogs have been added, which include Color Wheel, 
    Character Map, Database Login etc.
  - Improved integration with tiOPF project via the Model-GUI-Mediator
    design pattern.
  - Graphical FPCUnit unit test runner.
  - Lots of new language translations for the core fpGUI library.
  - A lot of new example projects demoing various GUI components.