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Community Projects

Here you will find any interesting projects created by the community, using fpGUI in some or other way. If you have a project that you would like to have mentioned, please contact me via email (graemeg at gmail dot com) or via the newsgroups.

fpGUI for embedded ARM systems

Paul Breneman has created some really nice archive snapshots of FPC (various versions) and fpGUI, for use with embedded ARM devices. He packaged just the things that are needed: a compiler, some compiled units, the fpGUI framework, and a few sample applications. Simply download, unpack, and you are ready to build ARM based software under Windows or Linux. Awesome stuff Paul!

Image Viewer

Henk created a nice image viewer to show the image loading and viewing capabilities of fpGUI. He made a nice screencast for us to watch. Thanks Henk.

Unimesur (unit conversion program)

Unimesur is a physical unit conversion program available for Linux and Windows, in French and English. It was originally written with Delphi on Windows, then ported to Linux using Lazarus. Finally it was ported to fpGUI - which took very little effort. With the fpGUI version, everything could be easily written, and run as-is on both Linux and Windows, without the need of big libraries or DLL's. It even has printing support via the PDF report engine, built into fpGUI. It includes contextual help with all used conversion values. It also has the ability to compute flow conversions between weight and volume. Precision of result is given in significant digits, limited to practical precision.

You can download Unimesur and other utilities and games written by Jean-Marc, using fpGUI, from his website:

DicomViewer v.0.2

DicomViewer is a DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) image viewer written by Leonardo M. Ramé. Here is a video showing the program in action:

ThumbChart - easy charting components

Need a small chart or plot for your project. Henk [unknown last name] has created some charting components for use with fpGUI. It includes a Pie, Horizontal Bar, Line, xyLine, Area and Scatter plots. The charting unit is very small and easy to use. The project is still new, but looks very promising. The code and two sample projects are freely available on SourceForge with the project name "thumbchart".

Speech Assistive Kit (SAK)

With SAK, your application becomes assistive, without changing anything in your code.

SAK is the Speecher Assistive Kit will transform your applications into speaking assisted applications. Easy and independent—you do not have to change your original code. You do not need external libraries like at-spi or sapi. SAK uses the PortAudio and eSpeak Open Source Libraries for sound output.

Everything you need is included in the kit of around 1MB.

You can download this short video to see an SAK enabled fpGUI application in action:

The project website and source code can be found on GitHub.

Eschecs - chess program

Eschecs (an old french word for chess) is a simple chess program with a graphical user interface. The graphical user interface uses the fpGUI toolkit and the BGRABitmap library.

The engine is a small Pascal unit, adapted from a Turbo Pascal program (less that one thousand lines), JS Schach (Jürgen Schlottke Chess). Eschecs also includes the Pro Deo opening book by Jeroen Noomen, and a a mate solver (a checkmate detector?) adapted from a program by Valentin Albillo. For each of its moves, the computer searches in the opening book. When he finds nothing in the book, he calls the mate solver to find a two-move checkmate. If there's no checkmate, he plays the engine move.

My purpose wasn't to make a strong program, nor an interface with many functions, but a full chess program, with a code as short and as understandable as possible.

You can download Eschecs, written by Roland Chastain, from his website:

Ultibo with fpGUI support

Imagine if you could have the simplicity and freedom of Arduino with the power and features of a Raspberry Pi. With the ease of a microcontroller and the flexibility of a real computer, Ultibo gives you a platform for creating anything without the limitations of a traditional operating system.

The project website and fpGUI port can be found at the following URLs.