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Screenshots :: Applications

On this page you will find an assortment of screenshots. The collection is made up of applications included with fpGUI. For screenshots of community developed software, please have a look under the Community Projects page.


Our own INF documentation viewer, which is very fast, customizable and with lots of handy features like annotations, bookmarks, advanced searching, runtime concatenation of help files etc.

DocView with search highlighting
DocView with search highlighting. Note how it is can display inline user-defined annotations [the green text].

Visual Forms Designer

UIDesigner is our custom designed visual forms designer with some unique features. It is lightweight, fast and very flexible. It is also very easy to integrate into IDEs or used completely stand-alone. Unlike most visual form designers in the Pascal world, our visual form designer generates real source code inside the *.pas units. No extra *.dfm, *.lfm etc files to keep track off.

UIDesigner with lots of components
UIDesigner showing a designer form with almost all of the available fpGUI components placed on it.

Maximus IDE

An experimental IDE which also serves as an “advanced” demo, showing some of the capabilities of fpGUI. This project is work-in-progress.

Maximus IDE’s main form
Maximus IDE’s main form.

Maximus IDE’s Project Options dialog
Maximus IDE’s Project Options dialog. It is also showing macro expansion in the tooltip.