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Source Code Repository


Since 2009-04-04 the source code is stored in a Git repository on SourceForge.

git clone git://

The source can also be viewed online with your web browser. Use the following link:

SourceForge project upgrade

SourceForge upgraded there system, and all projects must migrate to this new setup. Due to this, the repository URL's have changed. No problems. Thanks to Git, there is no need to re-clone the whole fpGUI repository. You simply need to update your local copy of the fpGUI repository with the new URL. To do this, please run the following commands:

cd /path/to/fpgui/
git remote set-url origin git://


There is also a mirror of the source code repository on GitHub. This repository is actually faster than the one on SourceForge. If you want to contribute to fpGUI, this is also the recommended server to use, because you can easily clone and publish your own branches. For more about this, see the Git menu items under the Documentation menu.