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fpGUI v0.8 is available

An archived source download and pre-built binaries for DocView (fpGUI's Documentation Viewer) can be found at the following URL:

...or clone the source code repository by using any of the following commands:

from SourceForge:
  git clone git://

from GitHub:
  git clone git://
  git clone

Pre-built documentation in the highly optimized INF file format (for use with DocView) is also available for download in a single archive, just 1.7MB in size. The archive contains the fpGUI Toolkit API documentation, and for your convenience, I also included the Free Pascal Language Reference, FPC Runtime Library and the FPC Free Component Library.

For more details, please visit the fpGUI home page:

The v0.8 release contains a lot of new features and enhancements. Below is just a small list of things that was added or changed.

  Release notes for fpGUI

v0.8 (2011-12-02)
  - New widget demos and many improvements to existing demos.
  - New application examples
    * Spinning Globe, show some graphics support with zooming.
    * An experimental IDE called Maximus, which supports project
      management, compiler settings management, macro management,
      multi-threading enabled, fast procedure list searching, 
      syntax-highlighting enabled text editor, OS independent 
      file monitor support etc.
  - PDF reporting engine and preview support. Thanks to
    Jean-Marc Levecque for this awesome contribution.
  - Huge improvements and enhancements to the Treeview widget.
    * massive speed improvement
    * improved painting support
    * extended treeview and node method calls
    * state image support (eg: having checkboxes next to nodes)
  - Many Docview (fpGUI documentation viewer) improvements
    * Bookmark support
    * Improved annotation support
    * Improved the text rendering and text wrapping
    * Rewrote the font handling which gave a massive 200+% speed
      increase in startup times (depending on the amount of fonts you
      have installed on your system), and reduced memory usage by 50%.
  - Added image support to RichView, the text viewer used by Docview.
  - Two new supported platforms: OpenSolaris and MacOSX (with X11
  - Global keyboard shortcut support for menu items and actions.
  - fpGUI API documentation has been extended and improved.
  - OS independent DND (drag-n-drop) support has been implemented. This
    supports external application-to-application and internal
    widget-to-widget drag-n-drop.
  - Improved the workings of implementing context sensitive help inside
    your applications.
  - Improved fpGUI project templates for use with Lazarus IDE or MSEide.
  - Included the WIPFC (OpenWatcom IPF Compiler) binaries to allow you
    to compile your own IPF help files into binary INF help files.
  - UI Designer (the visual forms designer for fpGUI) has seen many
    * new components on the component palette.
    * new properties accessible in the Object Inspector
    * improved dialogs for "tab order" and "widget order" changes.
    * code generated can now use spaces or tab characters for
    * improved File menu layout and new options.
  - Improved themes support
  - Experimental MDI (multi-document interface) support
  - Extended the Unicode wrapper functions for the FPC's RTL file
  - New built-in code page conversion functions have been added.
  - Grid widgets have improved scrolling support options.
  - Improved fpGUI language translations.
  - Many, many more bug fixes and improvements. For a full list run:
      git log v0.8...v0.7