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fpGUI v1.0 is available

I'm glad to announce the 1.0 release of fpGUI. This has been over a years worth of development, so a complete list of changes will be to big to list here.

Here are just some highlights:

  • Improvements to the UI (forms) Designer
  • Lot of DocView improvements (Bookmark management, Image decoding support in INF files, RichView component improvements etc.)
  • AggPas integration as an experimental backend. AggPas is a 2D graphics library implemented in 100% Pascal, and includes some amazing features that really enhances the quality of fpGUI's canvas class.
  • New example apps, and improvements to existing demo apps like Maximus and Debug Server.
  • etc.

For more details, run any of the following commands:

  git log --oneline v0.8..v1.0       (console viewer)
  gitk v0.8..v1.0                    (gui viewer)


An archived source download of fpGUI, and pre-built binaries for DocView (fpGUI's Documentation Viewer) can be found at the following URL:

...or clone the source code repository by using any of the following commands:

from SourceForge:
  git clone git://

from GitHub:
  git clone git://
  git clone


Pre-built documentation in the highly optimized INF file format (for use with DocView) is also available for download in a single archive, just 1.9MB in size. The documentation archive contains the following help files:
  • Class documentation for fpGUI Toolkit
  • The Free Pascal Language Reference
  • FPC Runtime Library (rtl) help
  • FPC Free Component Library (fcl) help
The download URL is:

If you want integrated help in your IDE or Programmer Editor of choice, the following URL describes how to do it:

For more details, please visit the fpGUI home page: